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September 27, 2023

An invaluable time saver with automated and customized roadmaps !

The automatic generation of PDF roadmaps is going to revolutionize the way you manage your events

Roadmap made easy. Each festival spends a huge amount of time designing, anticipating, writing, printing and sharing roadmap with its guests. How about having an incredible integrated software that provides you with automated, clear and nicely designed roadmaps ?
Festiciné is thrilled to introduce a new feature that will revolutionize how you manage your events: the automatic generation of PDF roadmaps from accreditation forms. This update represents a significant leap in festival coordination efficiency, while also providing graphic customization to match your festival's image 

Save time and avoid errors with automation

Until now, creating roadmaps for accredited individuals required intensive manual work, carrying the risk of errors and delays. Festciné has made this a thing of the past with our automatic roadmaps generation feature.
Now, all the information already entered in the accreditation forms, such as schedules, accommodations, contacts, and specific instructions, is used to automatically generate a personalized roadsmaps for each accredited individual. This means you save valuable time and eliminate the risk of human error.

Graphic customization: Make your festival shine

We understand that every festival has its own style and distinctive visual identity. That's why we offer you the opportunity to graphically customize your roadmaps.
You can send us your branding guidelines, logos, and colors, and we will integrate them into the roadmap.
This way, each roadmap reflects the essence of your festival, enhancing the overall experience for participants. It also adds a professional and consistent touch to your communications, thereby building trust among your accredited individuals and partners.

The Key Benefits of This New Feature 

1.Time Savings : By eliminating manual data entry in roadmaps, you save a considerable amount of time. You can focus on other essential aspects of festival planning 

2. Error Reduction : Automation reduces the risk of human errors in roadmap creation, ensuring smooth event execution 

3. Visual Customization: By integrating your branding guidelines, you create roadmaps that perfectly match your festival's image 

4. Efficient Communication: Participants have access to clear and consistent information, greatly facilitating communication and coordination 

5. Participant Satisfaction : A seamless and professional experience enhances the satisfaction of accredited individuals and everyone participating in your festival.